Soccer team has new goals

Shane McCrink, Staff Writer

As November approaches, the soccer teams look to embark on a new season. With the 2014 World Cup taking place during this upcoming summer, both the boys” and girls’ soccer teams anticipate an improvement in their records from last year.

With the departure of Coach Hart Bauer and the arrival of new Coach Hermann Amador, the boys’ soccer team has high hopes after starting the last year’s season with a record of 0-6 and ending up with two wins, ten losses, and two ties overall. Amador is in his second year as a Chemistry teacher at Palmetto. He is known for his very energetic manner of teaching. He hopes his style of teaching can help his team learn from their mistakes so they can win more games. Amador has big ambitions for the upcoming season.

“I want to be district champions,” Coach Amador said. “I want to go from not making districts to becoming district champs.”

On the contrary, the girls soccer team aspires to build on the momentum they gained during the 2012-2013 season. After starting the season 6-2, the girls’ soccer team went on a tear winning seven out of their last eight games with signature wins over district rivals South Dade, Killian and Coral Reef ending up with a 13-3 overall record. The highlight of their magical 2012-2013 season was bringing home the District Championship. With the return of Coach Lindsay Segara, the Lady Panthers look to do even bigger things this upcoming season.