Pinecrest Homes Should Not Include Modern Architecture

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

Pinecrest is known as a village that many want to reside in. It provides a safe neighborhood, good schools and many opportunities to participate in community activities. With many people purchasing homes here, a vast majority are constructed with a modern architectural look. To me, this is not what Pinecrest embodies and it does not give the municipality justice for what it is.

The increasing uniformity of the homes does not add to the beauty of Pinecrest. The new homes have a distinct resemblance to a townhouse where every home is built to look the same. 

Miami was once a place admired for its coral rock housing and ranch-style homes. Now, with the recent creation of more modernized architecture, the title will not hold true. It will be known as the area with box-shaped homes and flat rooftops. There are many versatile ways to create houses that match what Pinecrest truly is all about, and the creators of the buildings are not doing it. 

In general, building a Miami home is a long process. Contractors have to ensure safety standards are up to date and can withstand the diverse weather in Miami. Considering they go endure zoning inspection, test reports and engineering analysis they should take more time in making the building’s exterior look phenomenal.

Earlier this month Tyler Herro, NBA Basketball Player, purchased one of the most expensive homes in Pinecrest. Like many homes that have been created in recent years in the city, it includes modern architecture and the interior design has a very contemporary look to it. The home truly defines what Pinecrest homes are turning into. The modernization of homes recently made all the streets look alike when instead there could be true uniqueness and distinction between them. Herro is not one of the first celebrities to purchase a home in Pinecrest. Some celebrities include Pitbull, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne Wade. As the area has grown in popularity, many celebrities want to buy a home here as it is known as one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

I know that some people in the community may really love the idea of a home built with modern architecture, but for me, it does not show individualism. When I think of Pinecrest, I think of a gorgeous community filled with trees and beauty. Having modern architecture incorporated into the neighborhoods loses that sense of originality. Modernization is not fitting in well at Pinecrest and it should stop.