Panther for a Day

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Panther for a Day

Sidney Sterling, Staff Writer

For incoming freshmen, “Panther for a Day” evokes mixed emotions: big scary seniors, a giant school, and an ongoing list of unknowns. Panther for a Day has been a tradition at Palmetto for many years, where eighth grade students from Palmetto Middle and Southwood Middle visit the school and get a taste of what it’s like to be a Palmetto Panther. This past Tuesday, “Panther for a Day” was put into full swing, and was nothing but a hit.

“We all dress in blue and white and hold a large pep rally,” junior Nicolas Salmon said. “It’s a great way to promote our school and really show what Palmetto is made of.”

Many of the current Palmetto students look forward to this day of shortened classes, an exciting atmosphere, and some fresh meat to tease.

“Panther for a Day was much more exciting than I expected,” Palmetto Middle eighth grader Rebecca Lapin said. “I cannot wait to go to Palmetto; Panther for a Day really sealed the deal for me.”

Many eighth graders base their perception of Palmetto on Panther for a Day. With over 50 clubs, various sports teams, and a variety of advanced classes, Palmetto seemed to win the hearts of these excited eighth graders and compete with magnet schools.

“I chose to go to Palmetto after being at Terra for the past year,” sophomore Lauren Ellis said. “Palmetto suits me, and has so much more to offer.”

The middle school students showed their best Palmetto spirit on Panther for a Day as they decked out in blue and white. These eighth graders are the future of the school and will start their journey just like all Panthers did.

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