Mind Over Matter: Shifting From Shlump to Success

Alex James, Staff Writer

After what seems like a year-long break from school, transitioning back into a typical schedule hits hard. Waking up early alongside mornings and afternoons filled with complex lessons, to then meet an afternoon filled with extracurricular activities and homework can be a struggle. This abrupt transition might cause extreme levels of stress for high school students, and an imbalance in their academic performance. Despite the difficulties and overwhelming sensations of returning to school after a break, there are a few things one can do to avoid this uneasiness. 

Start Your Routine Ahead of Time   

Before returning to school, begin waking up at one’s typical time to help the body adjust to the new schedule. This can be done by gradually setting alarms earlier throughout the break, instead of abruptly returning back to school with an irregular sleep schedule. This will make waking up in the mornings much easier.


After creating a list of goals and tasks, prioritize them by the level of urgency and importance. This will help one remain focused. Moreover, if one is limited on time, this ensures that the most important tasks are completed first.  

Be Patient With Yourself

Adjusting back into a rigorous schedule is difficult and demanding, and realizing that is crucial. Hence, it may take some time, which one should provide for themselves without being too hard on oneself. Always remember that it is okay to reach out to teachers and classmates over break if any questions or concerns arise regarding assignments. 

Make Your School Days Productive

Having a productive and tightly scheduled day will lessen the chance of vegging after school. By making time to exercise, complete homework and partaking in extracurricular activities, one can effectively start the transition back into the school year. Taking care of oneself is an important step to stay productive; sleeping, exercising and eating well leads to a healthy body. A healthy body and a healthy mind will help one adjust better to the demands of school. 

Keep in Touch

Stay connected and keep in touch as much as one can throughout the year. This will help to ease back into the social aspects of school and continue throughout the later months. Seeing friends often allows one to have a better social life during school, even if that requires one to communicate virtually.