Mind Over Matter: Facing the Fourth Quarter Blues 

Ava Garcia, Managing Editor

Monday, April 10 officially marked the first day of the fourth quarter, bringing stress to every grade level as Advanced Placement exams, graduation and End of Course Assessments approach. The fourth quarter commences the slow digression of motivation as summer nears. This loss of motivation, at times, seems impossible to overcome, but through planning and consistency, can be solved.

Focusing on primary due dates is one way to fight the constant anxiety consuming one’s mind during this busy part of the year. Instead of thinking of the 20 assignments and tests that come in the near future, one can choose to focus on the first two or three. Hyper-focusing on the more important assignments that must be completed allows one to effectively complete those assignments fully before moving on to the next. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, clearing your desk and creating an inviting environment to study and complete homework drastically improves the likelihood of completing an assignment. This strategy also applies to focusing on one task to complete in a given amount of time, ensuring you accomplish it. Many times, focusing on one task allows one to feel some sense of accomplishment after completing it, which directly counteracts the overwhelming anxiety felt when completing multiple assignments at once. 

Anxiety plays a vital role in the lives of high schoolers across the world;  according to BBC, anxiety negatively affects one’s ability to focus. Anxiety takes over the mind, thinking of the worst possible scenarios that could arise; these constant worries take away from the assignment right in front of one’s eyes which should be the main priority. Looking at the bigger picture may be a way to eliminate some anxiety when completing upcoming assignments. Ask yourself if failing one exam will truly alter the course of your life, and realize that this one “F” will be forgotten next year. 

The fourth-quarter blues affect everyone, but bringing yourself back to reality and realizing the minor effect this part of your life will have allows one to focus on the most important factors; prioritizing your mental health and well-being over the possibility of failing one assignment.