Irresponsible Parties During COVID-19

Michael Angee, Design Editor

Throughout the seven month period of COVID-19 quarantining, people have urged others not to gather in large groups in order to remain safe. Although everyone knows the risk  of spreading COVID-19, people have still gathered in the same manner as they did before the pandemic. 

Governor Ron DeSantis recently moved Miami into Phase Three of the reopening plan, and many citizens believe this means they may act as if the virus never existed.

Through stage three of the reopening, commodities such as bars and clubs are able to open. The danger of this is, of course, the proximity of all the people in a small space. 

Parties advertised on social media also seem to be popping up again. It all seems like the global pandemic never happened… right? It almost feels as if the Instagram and Snapchat flyers advertising parties are made to convince people to break the rules and recklessly endanger others. 

It is understandable that people want to gather with their friends, as we have all been cooped up for months, but if we just remained patient for a little while longer, we would be able to prevent the virus from further escalating. 

As a teenager, I feel that many people my age feel invincible from COVID-19, because younger people tend to suffer less extreme symptoms. Although this reasoning is foolish, this does not stop them from gathering. 

It does not seem like the people that go to these parties care all that much for the well-being for those around them. This irresponsible behavior can lead to more and more cases, which may delay the reopening plan and force Miami to revert back to Phase One. 

Not only do the large gatherings and parties directly endanger those attending, it affects their extended network, too. Whether it is their parents, grandparents or even school mates, they potentially expose others to a very dangerous virus.  

An even more frightening factor involves asymptomatic cases, especially in kids. This means the person continues to live normally, without even knowing they have COVID-19, and passes it on to others. 

Gathering in large groups could be compared to drunk driving. In both circumstances, the person committing the act only thinks of themselves and not the people they may affect by their seemingly small action.  

A way to gather with people safely would be to see only a small group while maintaining social distancing guidelines. As simple as this may sound, some seem unreceptive to others’ constant suggestions to stay six feet apart and put their masks on around others. 

As a community, no one ultimately benefits from the large gatherings of people, and don’t we all want to be able to leave the house without worrying about COVID-19? The answer to this would be yes, but we cannot expect a result that we want without all contributing towards it.