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Previewing Drowsy Chaperone

Natalie Askowitz, copy editor

April 19, 2018

Starting tonight, Thursday, Apr. 19 and continuing on to Apr., 25th, and 26th, Palmetto’s drama department will take the stage once again to perform the Tony award-winning production, Drowsy Chaperone. The Drowsy Chaperone will take audiences back to the 1920s. In the satirical piece, characters p...

A Review of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Natalia Ortega as Helena sings Hercules’ “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” with statues Samantha Villafana (far left), Camila Guerrero (middle left), Miranda Quintana (middle right), Liz Delfino (right).

Gemma Torras, design editor

January 26, 2018

On Jan. 25 and 26, the Palmetto drama department presented an adaptation of Shakespeare’s celebrated “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The cast added a modern spin on the classic fantastical comedy. The play narrows down on the story involving of four lovers, two gods, and a group of actors. ...

A review of The Weeknd’s Starboy

A review of The Weeknd’s Starboy

Roberta Nicastro, Senior Design Editor

December 5, 2016

Fans might stray from artists that experiment too much with their music, considering many listeners enjoy what consistently meets their expectations. An artist that publishes album after album with the exact same sound often gets repetitive and a bit tiresome though. The Weeknd’s latest album, “Starboy,” ...

Miami Art Week takes center stage once again

Miami Art Week takes center stage once again

Katharine Hsiao, Design Editor

December 3, 2016

sMiami, a metropolitan city immersed in diversity, continues to host multiple festivals during the Miami Art week and throughout the year. The events provide an ideal occasion to spend family time during the upcoming holidays and gain more insight in the arts.         ...

Broadway season begins in Miami

Marlowe Starling, Feature Editor

November 28, 2016

For theatre-goers, the slight dip in weather in Miami does not only signify the arrival of the holidays, but also the beginning of Broadway season. The transition into 2017 brings us the joy of musical theatre at the Broward and Adrienne Arsht Centers for the Performing Arts with 14 professional shows...

An autumnal playlist

An autumnal playlist

Brianne Guanaga, Photographer

November 23, 2016

With Thanksgiving day approaching fast, the most essential part of the holiday is a perfect playlist. Although Miami does not get to enjoy cooler weather and the leaves do not fall in beautiful golden hues, we still get to play the part with autumnal music. Here is your essential fall playlist, filled with coffee shop music transporting you to New York City’s autumn with soft melo...

ICYMI: A recap of the fall dance show

ICYMI: A recap of the fall dance show

Annette Gonzalez, Staff Writer

November 19, 2016

Every year Palmetto’s dance show rolls around and gives students a chance to showcase their hard work and talent. With help from enchanting background lighting and music to set the mood, the dancers put on an exceptional show for an auditorium full of proud parents and supportive friends. “We...

Homecoming playlist

Homecoming playlist

Olympia Rodriguez, Video Editor

October 29, 2016

As the aromas of fancy perfumes and colognes fill the air in preparation for the big night, students rush to finalize every detail for a perfect celebration. This alluring concoction of high energy tunes fiercely harbors the excitement in homecoming preparation to stimulate your mood as the clock winds...

Two One-Acts bring new meaning to Shakespeare

Barrymore and Andrew swordfight to put an exciting end to a long conversation.

Marlowe Starling, Feature Editor

October 25, 2016

One dedicated director, a handful of performers and a slew of crew members put together the two One-Acts that brought a comedic light to the complex Shakespearean language that so plagues the current generation. “Slipping Him the Tongue” and “I Hate Hamlet”, both set present-day America in two ...

Day 5: The graduation playlist

Day 5: The graduation playlist

Roberta Nicastro, Design Editor

May 29, 2016

With the year coming to a close, seniors experience their final days in high school, savoring the times that will one day be a mellow memory. As an embodiment of new beginnings, this playlist serves to spark nostalgic yet exciting memories. ...

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade

Olympia Rodriguez, Life Editor

May 3, 2016

“Take one pint of water, add a half pound of sugar, the juice of eight lemons…” The recipe creates the highly acclaimed sixth studio album by Beyoncé, Lemonade. The “Formation” songstress released the innovative twelve-track LP on April 23 following the widely anticipated HBO special which showcased...

Dancing beyond the limelight

Dancing beyond the limelight

Marlowe Starling, Insight Editor

April 30, 2016

Lights, camera, action: a phrase typically reserved for Hollywood film sets is now applied to the performers who stunned audiences at the Memories and New Beginnings dance show April 27 and 28. Dozens of Palmetto’s dancers, ranging from novices to college-bound masters of dance, captivated audiences...

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