Big Bad Bunnies? A Pinecrest Gardens Invasion

Kate Markus, Life Editor

Tasmanian artist and environmentalist Amanda Parer is bringing her statement piece “Intrude” to Pinecrest Gardens during March and April for the Big Bunnies exhibit. 

“Intrude” features giant, glow-in-the-dark bunnies which have become a worldwide phenomenon. This exhibit has traveled to over 30 cities and countries around the world, including Australia, Portugal, England and the United States; it now appears locally at Pinecrest Gardens.

“Big bunnies is just an incredible event. They are giant inflatable bunnies that literally take over our meadow, with five installations in all,” Pinecrest Gardens Director Alana Perez said.

Parer’s art, specifically in the case of “Intrude,” symbolizes different experiences she has had throughout her life. “Intrude” alludes to the often-harmful introduction of invasive species to ecosystems, such as the introduction of bunnies to Australia. These seemingly harmless bunnies have taken over Parer’s native land, resulting in serious damage to the country’s endemic species.

“When foreign entities are introduced into a place, they wreak havoc on the environment,” Perez said. “Bunnies were not indigenous to Australia, and what happened is they kept multiplying and eating crops and grasslands, devastating wherever they were living. Amanda did these humongous bunnies to best illustrate what was happening with these cute little creatures.”

While environmentally significant, Big Bunnies is also just a fun attraction for families to enjoy. At Pinecrest Gardens, the massive inflatable creatures — along with the events accompanying them — offer entertainment for all ages.

“These are events that appeal to a broad audience.They are multigenerational, and they bring our community together,” Perez said. 

The events started Mar. 18 and will end Apr. 3. They occur every weekend night, with each date featuring a different experience.

From 6 to 9 p.m., Pinecrest Gardens hosts attractions alongside the Big Bunnies exhibit, featuring events such as Glowga (glow-in-the-dark yoga), live music, movies, local brews and a silent disco.

Pinecrest Gardens is renowned for its various other art installations such as Thomas Dambo’s Trolls exhibit, which is featured in a similar fashion. However, every Gardens installation is distinctive and sends a unique message.

“The bunnies stand alone,” Perez said. “There is nothing in the world like it.”