Wisconsin Pharmacist Spoils Hundreds of Covid-19 Vaccines

Sydney Campbell, Senior Design Editor

Wisconsin police arrested a hospital employee at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, who they suspect had intentionally ruined hundreds of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The medical center initially reported spoiled doses of the Moderna vaccine after a staff member accidentally left them out of the refrigerator overnight. Five days later, they reported that it appeared the doses were spoiled intentionally. 

Police in Grafton made it clear that they, as well as the FBI and the Food and Drug Administration, investigated the case. 

It was revealed that a pharmacist deliberately removed hundreds of the vaccines from the refrigerator and left them out overnight–not once, but twice. 

60 people received the spoiled vaccines, meaning that these vaccines have either no effect or work less effectively than usual. The Chief Medical Officer at Aurora stated that the recipients should not be in any danger, but that professionals continue to monitor their conditions closely.