When Is It Too Early for Christmas Music?

Valentina Arias and Gabriel Salvat

While some may believe listening to “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey comes too soon, we believe otherwise. Christmas music never comes too early. 

As soon as Halloween ends, we just think about Christmas and all the joy it brings. And with the year that we all have had so far, we believe Christmas music will bring much-needed happiness and joy until the end of the year.

Although some may say that Christmas music gets tiring after hearing it repeatedly, the genre actually includes a larger variety of songs beyond the common ones people tend to listen to. 

Christmas is a global holiday celebrated by billions worldwide, so people all over the world can listen to the wonderful Christmas songs that bring so much glee. While Thanksgiving does come before Christmas on the calendar, it is mostly a U.S. holiday.  The American origination of Thanksgiving causes some non-Americans to ignore it as a holiday and move onto Christmas. While Thanksgiving includes nice festivities like togetherness and feasting, it does not give the same wonderful feeling as Christmas.

The smell of candy canes, pine cones and hot chocolate all reminds us of the traditions we celebrate at home. Other holidays have traditions, too, but Christmas traditions have so much more importance to us than any other holiday we celebrate. Nothing beats getting to decorate the house with white and red decorations, putting the star at the top of the tree or getting to see the family members we are unable to see as often as we would like.

Christmas, to us, means hanging out with our friends and family, waking up on Christmas day to the sweet aroma of eggnog and freshly baked cookies, the sight of lightly colored wrapping paper under the vibrant green tree and watching “Elf” with the family on Christmas Day as we unwrap presents. Music enhances the Christmas cheer that accompanies these things.

Christmas gives people across the globe cheer and spirit. Most people celebrate Christmas to forget about the negative things that happened that year. So no, we do not believe Christmas celebrations come too early, and especially not the amazing music that comes along with it.