What’s Next for Palmetto Reconstruction?

Camilla Bondy and Sofia Vinueza

After nearly a year and a half, the highly-anticipated construction of Miami Palmetto Senior High’s brand new three-story building has finally reached completion. However, construction within Palmetto is far from over. The new building, along with the yet-to-be-completed media center, makes up only the first phase of construction.

Since the media center is being remodeled rather than torn down, it will take longer to complete, and is expected to finish towards the end of February and beginning of March. 

“When you are remodeling a building, sometimes it takes longer than if you are building a brand new building,” said Principal Victoria Dobbs. 

As phase one ends, phase two begins with the demolition of the 100-800 wings. The new visual and performing arts wing, a black box theatre and a new cafeteria will take its place. In addition to all of these changes, the auditorium will also face remodeling.

“It is not going to be torn down, but it is going to be gutted down so that all of it is brand new,” said Dobbs. “As of right now, Palmetto is still the same size as before, but once all phases are complete, it will be even bigger.”

Students were so excited for the big move into the new building when they returned from winter break. Having started construction in September 2018, students could not wait any longer to finally move into the new building.  

 “Surprisingly, I was looking forward to coming back to school because I was excited to see the new school,” junior Brooke Jackson said. “The teachers worked hard over winter break to move their belongings into the new building just so it would be ready for the students, and also so the transition would be smoother.”

Although the new building looks amazing, there have been some traffic complications. Since everything is new and students are getting used to the new front, it has created some obstacles when arriving and entering the  school.

 “I feel that since everyone is entering from the front, and the other side gates are closed, there’s a lot more foot traffic as well as car traffic in that one area,”junior Carly Pack said. “When students start getting used to the new front and find other pathways or entrances, the traffic will get better.”

Similarly, going from class to class, the hallways tend to be really packed. Just how the traffic outside of school will most likely clear up when students get used to the movement, they will also find walkways that have not been discovered yet. 

Driving past the new building on 120th St. makes Palmetto as a whole seem so much nicer than before. 

“Before the front looked plain and simple; now it looks more modern,” Pack said. “My friends from other schools even tell me that they don’t recognize Palmetto anymore.”