What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

Paula Ortiz, Design Editor

Trick or treat! Every Oct. 31, thousands of people walk around their neighborhoods knocking on doors or partying all night long in hopes of getting their hands on some of their favorite Halloween candies and treats. Those who participate in Halloween traditions wear costumes that express who they are or highlight their inner child, but not only does your costume or where you celebrate this holiday say something about you, the candies you eat show off your personality as well. 

Loving Snickers means that although you are a smooth and sweet person on the outside, on the inside you can find a mixture of crazy flavors or characteristics. You are still sweet like caramel, but you can have a hint of a salty temper from the peanuts.

If Hershey chocolate is your favorite, then I am sorry to break it to you, but you are basic. At least half of people choose this type of candy as their favorite. But basic is not always bad, these candies are a bit hard to find sometimes and almost anyone is willing to trade for them, meaning that you are valuable to others.

As for M&M’s, you are still basic on the inside like the Hersheys, but you try to cover it up with the clothes you wear or how you present yourself to others.

Skittles are sweet and colorful, just like you if this is your favorite candy, but it can also mean you have the palette of an 11-year-old, as it is pure sugar. Also, people are picky about Skittles, many only like the red ones so you have to keep an eye out, if you have other friends that love Skittles, one of you may be the odd one out…. On a positive note, if you are as lovely as a red skittle, then people would do anything for you.

If your favorite is Reese’s Pieces or any other peanut butter candy, that automatically puts you on the boring list; peanut butter and chocolate are the most unoriginal combo. Reese’s cups do fall on the original Halloween candy list and the brand even has a song made after it so that means that you are one of the icons of your friend group. You are similar to others, but nobody could ever replace you and you are worth writing a song about.

Halloween candies are all enjoyable and people wait a whole year in hopes to collect some. Just like candy, people love you too, you are sweet, colorful, fun and you take people to their happy place. On Halloween, it is good to express who you are through candy.