Two Florida schools take on the Final Four in a Historic NCAA Men’s March Madness

Jake Hawkins, Staff Writer

The NCAA Men’s March Madness Basketball Tournaments Final Four is officially confirmed and it features two local Florida colleges. The remaining schools are the University of Connecticut, San Diego State University, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Miami. 

The UConn Huskies are the only chosen team that has ever advanced to the final four before this tournament. San Diego State also made it to the Elite Eight for the first time ever this year and this is the University of Miami’s second time in the Elite Eight for their school history, as last year they lost in their first appearance to the future champion Kansas Jayhawks. 

The most unexpected for fans is Florida Atlantic, as this is their second tournament appearance in school history and their first time ever in the sweet sixteen, Elite Eight and now final four this tournament. 

San Diego State plays Florida Atlantic to go to the championship on April 1 at six p.m. and UConn competes with UM on the same day at nine p.m. This year’s Final Four looks different than last year’s as the last tournament’s Final Four consisted of Duke University, University of North Carolina, Villanova University and Kansas University, four of the most prestigious college basketball programs of all time with 60 Final Four appearances between these four schools. 

Out of the 2023 Final Four schools, UConn has six out of the nine total appearances of the schools. While some fans dislike this Final Four, others love it. Regardless of what viewers think, the winners will leave a mark on the competition’s history.