Trick or Treat: Palmetto Celebrates the Spookiest Holiday of the Year

Gabriella Alvarez, Copy Editor

On Oct. 31, Miami Palmetto Senior High kicked off the week by celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year: Halloween. A number of festivities were held in celebration of the holiday.

In order to participate in the spooky-fun activities, all students and staff were encouraged to come to school dressed in costumes. There was an extensive range of costumes, from devils and pirates to Disney villains and animals.

In addition to students and teachers dressing up, the school’s television production team broadcasted a special Halloween-themed episode at the beginning of third period. The administration came on screen at the end of the live stream in their costumes. This fun act ultimately showed that dressing up on Halloween can be for everyone. 

“I do not think there is a limit. It is fun to express yourself and just have fun. It is only one day of the year you can dress up,” MPSH senior Daniela Teachey said.

Not only did those who dressed up get the chance to express themselves through their favorite characters, but they were also granted access to the student council and Inter-Club Council’s (ICC) Halloween Festival in the courtyard.

During both lunches, the school’s clubs set up tables with candy and some games for students to enjoy. All members of the clubs were decked out in costumes and had stacked their tables with sweets. While students were treating themselves to the candy with their friends, clubs were given the opportunity to spread information about what they do. 

Each club passed out a variety of candies and some even had challenges for the trick-or-treaters, such as cup pong at the Model United Nations table. The photography club even had a photo booth for students to take photos with their friends, in front of a backdrop from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” just a few of the various entertainment provided during the festival.

“My favorite part of the festival was the face painting one of the clubs had. I got a small black heart on my cheek to match my costume,” MPSH freshman Kate Kramer said.

As the day went on, students ate their treats from the festival and anticipated the night’s events.