Third Annual Golinsky Comedy Club

Jane Heise, Managing Editor

Evan Golinsky, a senior at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, lost his father in 2016 after he was hit by a car in 2015 and suffered a severe brain injury. While coping with the loss of his parent, Golinsky noticed the lack of funding and awareness surrounding brain trauma research and created the Golinsky Comedy Club to raise money for this cause in honor of his father.

In the summer of 2017, Golinsky reached out to the Brain Trauma Foundation to set up a fund in honor of his father. The foundation focuses on amassing the necessary research on brain injuries to establish specific guidelines in order to assist patients who suffer from a brain injury. Golinsky then partnered with Temple Beth Am to host the first Golinsky Comedy Club on Dec. 17, 2017. Nearly two years after his first event, Golinsky has already raised nearly $70,000 to raise awareness about this issue.

“It helps me to honor my dad in a way that he would have wanted, because he loved comedy. This helps other people that are afflicted with the same injury he had… it’s a cause that really needs awareness and funding because it affects millions of people,” Golinsky said. 

As Golinsky prepares to graduate in 2020, he passes on the responsibility of running the Comedy Club to his sister, sophomore Marlee Golinsky, and his friend, freshman Cooper Menachem. 

“It is really meaningful to have my sister now involved because we went through this together so now having her makes it more of a family effort to raise money for this cause…,” Golinsky said. “For Cooper to also be involved means a lot because just like me, his dad lost his father at a young age…they have a deep understanding for charity and they are a very quality family. I’ve been close with them for years and they have been very supportive of us so it feels very fitting to pass this on to someone who can really expand it and help promote the original idea of its foundation.”

Throughout the past two years of the Comedy Club, many comedians have graced the stage at Temple Beth Am. Pulitzer-Prize winning comedian, Dave Barry, headlined at the first event in 2017, and Palmetto’s Student Council President, Logan Spiegelman, performed at the event in both 2017 and 2018. 

This year, comedienne Robin Fox performed on Dec. 15, marking the third annual Comedy Club. Golinsky’s event attracted friends and family alike and who filled the room at Temple Beth Am in support of this cause.

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