The World of… Butters? How Peanut Butter Substitutes Have Taken the World by Storm

Isabella Hewitt, Contents Editor

In a world that seems to have substitutes for almost any food ingredient, alternative butters have taken the interest of many and now serve as one of the most used spreads in meals and snacks. In replacement to both loved and hated peanut butter, substitute butter can work in a plethora of food scenarios. 

Ranking as one of the most popular kinds of butter, almond butter has a similar nutty flavor to its peanut counterpart, while additionally providing more vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. 

Almond butter is popularly used in smoothie bowls, toast spreads, dips and baked goods. Homemade banana pancakes, banana bread, overnight oats and fudge are some of the many other creative ways almond butter is used. To follow the recipes, click this link

“One of my favorite ways to use almond butter is making cookies that end up tasting really good, which just shows how many ways you can use it other than [as] a substitute for peanut butter,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School junior Tyler Shapiro said. 

Granola butter, another widely popular butter spread and substitute, comes in a variety of flavors created by the first oat-based spread company, Oat Haus. These butters are sold online at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market,  Fresh Market and Harris Teeter

Oat Haus offers the following flavors: cookie dough, original, vanilla, strawberry shortcake, birthday cake, chocolate, pumpkin spice, brownie batter and coffee. 

“I started buying Oat Haus granola butter after I saw a video of theirs on TikTok and I am obsessed. The butter not only works as a spread but honestly is just so good alone. My favorite flavor is cookie dough,” MPSH senior Gabriella Abreu said. 

Oat Haus’ granola butter may be used as a fruit dip, smoothie additive, toast spread and much more. 

Another beloved butter is Trader Joe’s famous Cookie Butter. Cookie Butter has been a staple item of Trader Joe’s and serves as an apple dip, toast spread, overnight oat topping and more.

Originating from the Netherlands, Cookie Butter encapsulates its European origins and inspiration from Belgian Speculoos cookies. Trader Joe’s offers both a crunchy and creamy texture, similar to peanut butter. 

“Nut butter substitutes have provided me so many opportunities for snacks since I don’t like peanut butter, but love the idea of a snack with a spread that can go with almost anything,” Abreu said.