The True Mindset of a High School Senior As College Decisions Begin

Allison Gould, Print Editor-in-Chief

I, along with 695 other Miami Palmetto Senior High seniors, are possibly awaiting a letter from a college – a letter that will serve as the highest level of academic validation. Simply put, I am scared. I am scared of receiving that college application status update that could potentially alter the course of the rest of my life, scared of rejection, scared of the idea that I have no control over this situation anymore. As next week approaches faster than anticipated, I am overwhelmed with emotions and anxiety, unable to comprehend that my future is in the hands of strangers. My stress has manifested itself in the form of tears and frustration; however, the only comforting part about my mental state right now is that I know that I am not alone.

For the past four years, I have been striving to get into one of the top colleges in the United States. I have engaged in meaningful extracurriculars and committed myself to attain the best possible grades through hours and hours of work, all towards my goal of getting into college. The immense pressure I have put on myself is absurd; I have stayed up until two in the morning studying for exams, gotten upset over one “bad” grade and meticulously worked for hours on projects to ensure their perfection. 

College has driven all of us crazy, especially during recent months with applications and now, decisions. Currently, there is the possibility that the decisions we will receive in the upcoming weeks are going to leave many of us disappointed, conceivably leaving us desperate for the answer to the question: “why?”. Why was there not the word “Congratulations!” preceding the rest of the letter? Why did I not get in? Why was I not good enough?

Nonetheless, in the past few days, I have seen some of my closest, most dedicated and scholarly friends and peers get accepted to their dream schools, reminding me that everything eventually works itself out. Even if I do get a rejection letter from my top choice school, I have to know that that school is not where I am meant to be. 

My hard work will pay off, and I am certain that I, along with the 695 other Palmetto seniors, will reach our potential regardless of what the college letter says.