The Pinecrest Farmer’s Market

Kate Stuzin and Ana Martinez

The Pinecrest Gardens Farmers Market offers a taste of Floridian culture with its vibrant marketplace setting and products from local farmers and artisan producers. The Pinecrest Gardens Farmers Market has become a staple in Pinecrest, attracting residents and tourists and supporting local businesses.

The farmers market started off at the now-closed supermarket, Gardner’s. Gardner’s sold their own produce but made space for local farmers every Sunday. In 2009, the store shut down and Pinecrest Gardens took up the responsibility of hosting it every Sunday. It started off with around 20 vendors, but it is now  a flourishing cultural hotspot with 40-60 vendors.

“I have seen a great evolution in the market,” said Director of Pinecrest Gardens Alana Perez. “We had some issues with the previous management company, but since then the new company has been very successful.”

The farmers market gives local and smaller companies the opportunity to further expand their business.

“I’ve been here for maybe six to seven years,” said Imperial Roast Coffee Farmers Market vendor Sybil Thomas. “I’m too small to have my products in big stores, and I can’t afford a store of my own. This gives me the privilege of being here, and being able to put my grandson in soccer and [the market] helps pay for the things that we can’t pay for normally.”

Additionally,  the farmers market is representative of the melting pot of different cultures  Miami. Vendors and patrons get to know one another through sharing different aspects of their culture and a common love of food.

“The whole environment [at the farmers market] combines so many different foods and cultures,” said Thomas. “It has allowed me to try new foods and gain lots of regulars over my time working here. I have seen then go from middle school to college to getting married. The farmer’s market really brings the whole community together.”

Palmetto sophomore Hayley Glassman attends the farmers market almost every Sunday. The farmers market serves as a place for her to take a break from homework and grab a bite with friends.

“I love how the market offers so many different food options; that way, my friends and I don’t have to argue over the type of food we should eat since there is something for everyone,” said Glassman. “ It’s also great how most of the foods are also locally sourced and organic. That way I know exactly where my food is grown and what is being put into it.”

Open to everyone, the farmers market occurs at Pinecrest Gardens every Sunday. It opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 2 p.m. However, the market’s dates are subject to change based on federal holidays and inclement weather. For more information, follow Pinecrest Gardens on Instagram @pinecrest_gardens.

“The community loves the market because it’s a place where everyone knows their name,” said Perez. “They get to have a relationship with the vendors and get to know not just what’s in their food, but who made their food. That’s what makes the market so special.”