The Panther Predicts Music of the Summer (Pop at Palmetto)

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

Driving down an empty road while music blasts in your ears and wind blows through your hair is the epitome of summer. Worries become irrelevant, as school work leaves your mind and happiness trickles back in. 

Every year, the playlist that defines the season accompanies the arrival of summer. The songs below are a few of The Panther’s predictions for the summer of 2022’s playlist. 

1. “1989: Taylors Version”- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fans have been speculating about the re-release of her album 1989. Taylor released Wildest Dreams and This Love in 2022, leading fans to believe she will release the rest of the album this summer. 1989 includes songs to evoke all kinds of feelings this summer: Bad Blood, Clean and How You Get The Girl are all very different but perfect for many moods. 

2. “I Used To Think I Could Fly”- Tate McRae

Rising pop star, Tate McRae, is scheduled to release her first album on May 27, promising fans an amazing summer. She has already released various singles, such as What Would You Do?, Chaotic, and She’s All I Wanna Be. Although these songs were already released, fans eagerly await the upcoming nine songs arriving at the end of this month. 

3. “Another Man’s Jeans”- Ashe 

Recently, Ashe released a new single titled Another Man’s Jeans. This song has not received much attention, but it embraces the unique sounds current music lacks. Ashe goes on tour soon, helping facilitate her growth this summer. This song perfectly puts a modern take on old sounds and makes it the perfect song to blast with the windows down on the way to the beach this summer.

4.  “Sour”- Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo’s album was put on the backburner this year with other, more established artists releasing new music at the same time. However, now that she is on tour, her music is spreading faster than ever. Some songs that embody summer include brutal, good 4 u and deja vu. Although brutal and good 4 u are very rock-sounding songs, they have become fan favorites. Deja Vu, on the other hand, includes lyrics that transport listeners to the beach, with strawberry ice cream in hand.