The Bagels are Back


Ryan McKean

Mr. Hayduk handing change to a student who purchased one of his bagels.

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

The notoriously well known bagels at Miami Palmetto Senior High School have made a comeback. Since the day they returned, students have had the opportunity to buy themselves a delicious bagel before school starts or in between classes.

“I was so excited when I saw that Mr. Hayduk was bringing bagels again,” Palmetto junior and bagel customer Jayda Amador said. “During freshman year, the bagels were the highlight of my morning, and now they get me through the day.”

Many high school students barely have enough time to eat breakfast before arriving at school. Knowing this and the population of students at Palmetto, one school teacher decided to change all of this for students at Palmetto. 

AP Human Geography teacher Mr. Hayduk started selling bagels and cream cheese about ten years ago. Students pay a dollar and fifty cents for one of his bagels. He offers three different types of bagels to students: a plain bagel, a cinnamon bagel and a cheese bagel. 

All the money he makes from selling the bagels goes towards Palmetto’s Athletics Department. Sports teams at Palmetto use the money to purchase any necessary equipment and to support the athletes. 

“The bagels were sold for athletics,” Mr. Hayduk said. “So what we do is that the money goes to our athletic account and then get various things that money is used for buying uniforms, helps with buses, trips. It funds a variety of different activities for the boys and girls programs at Palmetto.”

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, Mr. Hayduk used to let everyone grab a container of cream cheese and one bagel with a napkin. Once the pandemic started, he could no longer sell bagels due to the possibility of spreading germs. However, this year, on September 15th, he brought back the bagels for all students to enjoy. Instead of allowing others to pick up a bagel with a napkin, the bagels now come in a plastic bag to minimize contact.

Mr. Hayduk’s bagel fundraiser began with the approval of Palmetto’s principal, Victoria Dobbs. Before Mr. Hayduk even started selling bagels, many other clubs used similar tactics to bring in money for their clubs. 

Overall, the bagels have become a huge success at Palmetto. They sell out quickly, so if any students or faculty would like to buy a bagel, they should pass by Mr. Hayduk’s room in Palmetto’s 3000 wing.