Tennessee Blocks Ban on Drag Shows 

Luna Garcia, Design Editor

A new law banning drag show performances in front of child audiences has reached consideration in some states. Many lawmakers and parents believe these shows present a danger to children. Various states such as Florida and Texas, have begun to revoke the licenses of some clubs and have sent investigators into the shows to report any inappropriate activity. 

Conservatives who support this law such as Tucker Carlson, believe that this law will protect children from confusion and sexualization. Others see it as another ban on the trans community and governors’ attempt to silence businesses that support the LGTBQ  + community. Activists on the left claim this law is an infringement on First Amendment rights.    

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has recently attempted to suspend the liquor license of the Hyatt Regency Miami after the occurrence of a drag performance with children present. Nothing has gone through but it is still in the works.  

This law has previously made its way into the Tennessee court. Tennessee was expected by many to have some of the strictest views on the ban’s enforcement, but it was temporarily blocked. District Judge Thomas Parker agreed with LGBTQ+ activists who said that the law was too vague and overly broad.