Ten Songs That Remind Me of Miami

Cayetana Jaramillo, Opinion Editor

1. Oye Como Va By Santana 

A perfect mesh of tropical melodies with a salsa beat that reminds anyone of warm beaches and long, hot summer days. Santana’s hit reminds me of my dad’s favorite music as it blasts through the beach through our cheap speaker. All of the different cultures that claim Miami as their home fall in love with a little bit of salsa in this song.

2. Slide by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos 

This song reminds me of long car rides with the windows down. Hot air streaming through the car and my sunburn quickly turning into a tan, this pop song with a tropical beat captures Miami’s picture-perfect feel at sunset any day of the year. 

3. 3005 by Childish Gambino 

A Miami playlist is incomplete without some rap. “3005” captures the perfect mix between rap, pop and 80s beats. The song reminds me of late night parties in Miami’s big mansions right alongside the water — the ones from the movies, of course. A panoramic shot of people enjoying good music and warm weather in one of the greatest cities in the world.

 4. I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls 

What is a Miami playlist without a little 80s pop? A little reference to Miami Vice?  Or Scarface? These iconic scenes picture Miami in its pastel colored, art-deco era buildings right alongside the beach. White tuxedos and long glittery dresses. This 80s pop song makes me feel like running along Ocean Drive with Tony Montana at my side.

5. Otra Noche en Miami by Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny, Miami’s honorary prince, must be included in the perfect Miami playlist. Miami serves as the capital of reggaeton and Latin party life. Bad Bunny’s success over the past couple of years has meant so much to his home country of Puerto Rico and all Latin Americans abroad. Anytime a Bad Bunny song comes on, no one can resist a little dance, or at least a head bop. 

6. Paper Planes by M.I.A 

Personally, I would include this song in the Miami playlist because of the memories I have with my sister listening to this song every time she would come home from college. Every time she would visit I would never understand the extreme happiness she felt to be back in Miami, because for me, it was still the same place I had lived in my entire life. The top down and warm breeze flowing through our hair with this song blasting reminds me of a new sense of gratitude I gained through my sister for having grown up in Miami.

7. Girls On Film by Duran Duran 

A perfect opening scene to a drive through Ocean Drive in a baby blue, vintage 911 Porche Carrera. Once more, another 80’s pop bop that breathes the neon nightlife people travel all over the world for. Miami has been a vacation destination for decades, but Miami Vice remains forever in my heart.

8. Caraluna by Bacilos 

My perfect Miami playlist must include the chill-beat tropical songs I grew up listening to, being raised in a Colombian-Peruvian household. This beautiful love song reminds me of car rides to school with my mom, and now, car rides with friends as I reminisce over my former favorite songs. This song captures the beauty of all Latin music in Miami with its use of tambourines, accordions and bongos. 

9. Nice For What by Drake

Miami claims to be a hub for the new age of hip-hop, and Drake’s “Nice For What” perfectly captures Miami’s attractive moderncine. This song reminds me of my time throughout high school, and how I heard this song everywhere I went for almost an entire year. A light-hearted song with a catchy beat, this song will forever remind me of my teenage years in Miami.

10. Gasolina by Daddy Yankee 

I would consider this song Miami’s party anthem. This song is almost proven to bring anyone to the dance floor. Daddy Yankee, a Miami resident himself, has been producing music for decades and his songs live and breathe Miami. This playlist would not be complete without it.