Scoir Platform for Palmetto Students Available Now

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

Miami Palmetto Senior High School’s incoming seniors will utilize a new college application platform (Scoir) next school year, in addition to the Common Application, Coalition Application, and any platforms that colleges use individually. 

Scoir has multiple uses for students interested in college. Primarily, it functions as a matching service. Students on Scoir have the ability to use the platform to find colleges that match their unique needs using the “College Preferences” survey.
It allows you to do an interest survey, see what majors are to your interests, geographical preferences, size preferences, academic needs and then finally cost. It matches your needs and interests to the schools, then allows you to virtually see the schools,” Palmetto CAP Counselor Harry Nerenberg said. 

For students who do not know what school best fits their interests and needs, the Scoir survey may serve as one of the best online data services to find and follow up with schools. Scoir also linked the YouScience assessment, which allows students to find potential careers that fit their skills and find majors that relate to them. 

Scoir also helps students keep on track with deadlines, have easy access to the materials they must submit for each college, and research more in-depth about what schools want in an application. 

While the matching service remains one of Scoir’s main functions, the new platform will also allow teachers to submit letters of recommendations for students. These recommendations will automatically transfer to whatever application portal the student uses. 

Some schools will also schedule virtual tours on Scoir.

Over the summer, rising seniors may not have much to do as the COVID-19 pandemic led to many shutdowns for summer programs. Because of this, students can take the time to put in the work for their college applications. 

All rising seniors at Palmetto must create their Scoir account as soon as possible and take the time to fill out the survey to find the schools that interest them the most. It will help save time next school year by helping with organization, recommendations, and creating a college list. 

While seniors are required to have Scoir this year for their college needs, Nerenberg also recommends that any student at Palmetto signs up for an account. If they need a transcript for any reason during their time at Palmetto, they will request them on Scoir. In addition, Scoir will replace Nerenberg’s usual method of communication, so any student looking for information regarding scholarships and opportunities must have Scoir to receive those messages. Parents may also create an account on the platform.

To register, visit the Scoir website. Students can also download the “Scoir Student” app.