Protests in Iran After Authorities Attempt to Cover Mahsa Amini’s Death

Paulina Handal, Staff Writer

On Sept.18, Iranian woman, Masha Amini died in Tehran, Iran after being arrested for not following the region’s strict dress code. Her father, Amjad Amini, claims that she was killed by the morality police, who are attempting to cover it up. News has spread all over Iran, with an outbreak of protests in her name. Meanwhile, doctors refused to allow Amini’s father to see his daughter after her passing; he believes that this is because of signs of brutality that would prove the police guilty. 

Doctors claimed that she fell into a coma and died from a heart attack, despite the fact she had no previous heart conditions which led her father to question how she died. The government is refusing to investigate, leaving citizens irritated. Iranian citizens continue to protest, where protests have erupted into riots— causing extreme destruction.

The protests have spread nationwide to fight for justice for Amini. They have left multiple people injured and have damaged the environment. Military and police forces have tried to shut down these protests with violence, leaving many dead, but people continue to protest against the government and its tactics. 

This has led to nationwide blackouts to prevent people from continuing to riot and spreading the news, but this still has not put an end to it. Even with all the violence and force that authorities use, they continue to fight for Amini’s justice.