Pop at Palmetto: An Honest, Spoiler-Included Review of Euphoria Season Two

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

 Avid Euphoria fans waited three years for season two to take the stage. Once the final episode aired, silence broke through. The season finale left fans with a list of unanswered questions that will most likely remain in the dark until 2024, when season three is expected to release. With this in mind, an overwhelming amount of fans remain underwhelmed with the finale. 

Euphoria season two started off strong with the premiere episode, which left viewers on the edge of their seats after Fezco unexpectedly and intensely punched Nate Jacobs. By the final minutes of episode eight, many of the main plot points of the season were left up in the air. Mckay, one of the main characters in season one, appeared in episode one of season two and then vanished for the remainder of the season. His entire character was left behind with no explanation. 

Another plot hole within this season surrounds the premise of the mysterious third child within the Jacobs household. In season one, viewers get a quick glance of the family through a portrait on the wall; however, when viewed closely, the audience can see an extra child in the picture, which left Euphoria fans confused. Some view this missing element as a way to get people to come back and watch season three, and others see it as another unnecessary, dragged-out plotline in the show. 

This season, Lexi Howard transformed as a character and took the top spot as one of the most popular and beloved characters on the show. This season discusses the topic of being left in a sister’s shadow, through an underrepresented character’s eyes. Lexi never got recognized as a kid, since her sister Cassie was always the star of her family. So, Lexi decides to write a play about her high school experience and includes many real characters from her life. The play got many mixed reviews and led to a jaw-dropping scene. Rue shows her true pride in Lexi through her facial expressions, Lexi’s mom shows her love for the portrayal of her character by yelling and cheering and Cassie shows her anger as she storms out of the auditorium and later when she interrupts the play by jumping on the stage and expressing her rage toward Lexi for putting on the play. 

Although this season had a number of controversial plot twists and turns, one in particular upset audiences across the world. The main turning point within this season surrounds the heart-wrenching and devastating death of Ashtray in the season finale. Many viewed this death as an unnecessary addition to the plot and more as filler content that lacked inner meaning. Sam Levinson, the director and creator of Euphoria, received an overwhelming amount of hate surrounding season two, but specifically hate directed at this particular scene. Many see this season’s script as a downgrade from the previous season and express the unnecessary moments that took away from the greater ones.

Waiting two years may seem like a long time, but Euphoria can still come back with a bang in season three. Fans will continue to wait and hope their questions can one day be answered. Although this season contained many lows, fans still waited all week for 9 p.m. each Sunday night to sit down and escape reality for an hour through HBO’s hit show Euphoria.