Panthers Around the World: Sofia’s Trip to Boston

Sofia Strohmeier, Copy Editor

The time finally came to pull out my fall clothes that have patiently waited in my closet. On Nov. 10, I hopped on a plane to head to Boston, MA. for the long weekend.

After spending the flight focusing solely on getting homework done, we landed in Boston around 9:00 p.m. That night, I got a slight taste of college life — the kind where you have to share a bathroom and wear flip-flops to shower — while I stayed in my sister’s Tufts University dorm room for the night. Meeting my sister’s roommate and suitemates made me excited for what my college experience might look like in just a few short years. The next morning, I waited for my sister to finish swim practice, then ate breakfast at a nearby cafe with two of her friends; we enjoyed some avocado toast and took a walk around the charming campus. The colorful trees, breezy weather and opportunity to wear a flannel gave me a true fall feeling, which was very different from Miami’s year-long summer.

Later that day, we walked around the Seaport area and stumbled upon a Holiday Market. The Christmas lights, uplifting holiday music and different vendors selling freshly baked goods, Christmas decorations, jewelry and clothing got me in the mood for the holiday season. With a stunning city background and view of the water, the area was perfect for a pleasant and leisurely stroll before we went to eat lunch to celebrate my dad’s birthday. To continue our outing, we drove to Newbury Street and stopped by Georgetown Cupcakes, where we enjoyed delicious fall-themed sweets, including a pumpkin-spice cupcake. Even though daylight savings caused the sun to set early at 4:30 and rain prevented us from walking around later in the day, we still enjoyed the peaceful energy of the city and the pleasant fall weather.

The next day, we woke up early to tour Boston College. Although I already toured the school when I was in seventh grade and my sister was beginning college visits, this time I walked in with a different perspective, now that I am the one college hunting. The panel gave insight into college life, school spirit traditions and class selection. After the panel, the tour portion allowed us to walk around campus and visit its most popular spots while our guide told us all about what it is like to attend the school. Even though the sun unexpectedly came out during the tour and ruined the autumn vibe, it was an enjoyable and informative experience that got me really excited, albeit nervous, for college application season. 

Once our tour ended, we went back to Tufts to pick up my sister and head to the busy Newbury street again to grab some lunch and walk around, scoping the wide selection of shops. Since Newbury was not far from the hotel, we were able to walk through Boston Common — a park filled with red, orange and yellow trees, a lake and tons of dogs running around. 

On our last day, the rainiest and coldest day of the trip at 50 degrees, we went to the famous Tatte Bakery at Assembly Row for brunch before going to the airport. A display of croissants, pound cakes, muffins and other baked goods adorned the center of the bakery. The cozy cafe feel was ideal for escaping the rain and enjoying one of their delicious pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Tatte Bakery lived up to its popularity and I would definitely return on my next trip to Boston. 

This quick trip filled with college, food and fall weather was the perfect way to spend the three-day weekend.