On God, Kanye’s New Album Sparks Controversy

Isabel Wilder, Senior Copy Editor

Throughout history, musicians have often deviated from the norm. Whether it be The Beatles, David Bowie, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift, uninhibited artists make music that truly represents who they are at the time; Kanye West’s newest album, “Jesus Is King,” is no exception. Across his 15 albums and lengthy musical career, Kanye has arguably managed to stay true to himself, or whomever he is at the time. 

From befriending President Trump to labeling slavery as a choice to possibly starting his own religion with his Sunday Services, “Jesus Is King” represents a new era of Kanye, one that the world could go without. The 27-minute album serves as a byproduct of West’s discovery of God, with a gospel sound and titles such as “Closed on Sundays” — a song about sharing the same moral values as Chick-fil-A — and “God Is” — a presumed advertisement for Kanye’s already infamous sermons. This unique direction takes listeners far away from the “old Kanye” we knew and loved, who wrote songs like “I Am a God,” a song about West’s God-given talents and growing narcissism for his 2013 album “Yeezus.” This new Kanye, one that no longer refers to himself in such a sacrilegious manner, has put his ego aside and simply devoted himself to his Lord.

While West has come a long way from interrupting MTV acceptance speeches, his newest brainchild has truly strayed from the tunes of his more popular albums like “Graduation” and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The obviously preaching album has scared away some loyal fans who “miss the old Kanye,” contributing to his already-declining popularity. Listeners feel disappointed due to his shift from thought-provoking lyrics to seemingly unfinished gospel music.

As someone who has shared his struggles with bipolar disorder and the loss of his mother, Kanye maintains an air of openness and vulnerability with his fanbase. While this may have been appreciated in the past, Kanye’s recent radical statements have garnered quite a bit of hate. However, since the rise of his music career 15 years ago, Kanye refuses to conform to people’s expectations of him, and he will always stay true to that.