Nite Owl’s New Drive-Thru Theater

Kate Markus, Life Editor

Nite Owl, Miami’s new drive-in theater, is located in Downtown Miami. It previews a range of movies depending on the date and offers a COVID-safe movie option. 

Drive-in cinemas allow attendees to view movies from the comfort of their cars, offering a unique experience and sense of privacy. Nite Owl recommends that individuals bring folding chairs to sit in front of their car during the movie. Nite Owl sells a variety of reclining lounge chairs as well as custom apparel.

“During the height of the COVID pandemic, I went to a drive-in movie and I really loved it. It was safe, fun and a new trendy thing to do with my friends. I prefer it over a typical theater,” movie enthusiast Luke Meinhardt said.

Since Nite Owl aims to provide a safe, social-distancing-friendly way to watch a movie, various COVID-19 precautions remain in place. Aside from the inherent spatial separation of the theater, face masks are required to use the restroom, and Night Owl recommends they be worn throughout the movie. 

To enhance the cinematic experience, Nite Owl Theater offers concessions available for pre-order on their website. Some of these snacks include fresh popcorn, Buncha Crunch, Arizona Iced Tea and a variety of chips, drinks and candies.

“One of the things that make going to a movie special to me is the concessions. There is nothing like relaxing with some popcorn while watching a movie; the ambiance is so unique,” Meinhardt said.

Upcoming, Nite Owl is featuring Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on various dates. For more movie options and information, click below to access the Nite Owl website: .