Mia’s October Picks

Mia Shields, Design Editor

Fall is truly my favorite time of the year, although we live in Miami and the seasons do not change, the weather and vibes are at an all-time high. October has been a long month full of exciting things. Here are a few of my top picks from the month of October: 

1. Iced Matcha Latte

Everyone hates me for my matcha obsession, but this drink with two pumps of vanilla and almond milk is heavenly. I would like to thank my friend for introducing this life-changing beverage. This is a drink I have yet to tire of even though I have a venti almost every time I order it. It is so refreshing and I love to just drive around and get it every weekend. 

2. South Miami Shopping 

I love boutiques. The other day I went to Studio LX and bought a pair of jeans that were on sale from $300 to $99; I also had a gift card, so only a few dollars of my own were actually spent. I am extremely excited about this purchase. Also, Blush released some cute fall arrivals and leather items that I am obsessed with and will probably be spending way too much money on. 

3. “Midnights” by Taylor Swift 

The moment I heard the opening song, “Lavender Haze,” I was shocked. I did not know what to expect from Swift’s newest album in her discography, but I certainly am not disappointed. I will be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first but within the next day, I grew to love it. Although it could never beat “Folklore,” I love to jam out to “Karma” and “Midnight Rain” when I go on my matcha runs. 

4. Target

Target during the fall season is unmatched. I love the vibes and all the little things they have such as the cute pajamas. Going on Target runs with my friends is always super fun. 

5. Halloween Movies

During October, I spend my free time binge-watching movies from Disney Plus’ “Monstober.” Watching “Hocus Pocus” while eating freshly baked cookies and popcorn is unbeaten.