Miami Temperatures to Drop to 40s and 50s Degrees Fahrenheit This Holiday Weekend

Edie Carneiro, Copy Editor

Temperatures in Miami are dropping quickly this winter, as residents of Palmetto Bay will expect daily lows of 46, 45 and even 39 degrees Fahrenheit over this upcoming holiday weekend to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Other cities in Florida are expected to reach even colder temperatures, dropping as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit in Tallahassee and 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Gainesville. 

As usual, both the possibilities of snow and sleet are extremely unlikely this weekend. However, if winds are slow enough and the temperature is cold enough, there is a possibility of frost on the ground. This is especially likely in Jacksonville, which is expecting patches of frost on Sunday, Jan. 15 with a 35-degree Fahrenheit low, and in Gainesville, which has a high chance of extreme frost on Sunday morning as well.

The last time snow fell in South Florida was on Jan. 19, 1977, when temperatures dropped to below freezing for upwards of 10 hours, and when Miami Beach reached the freezing temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.