Miami-Dade Schools Scheduled to go 100% Clean by 2030

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

Miami-Dade County Public schools plan to switch to 100% clean energy by the year 2030. With the increasing problem of climate change, schools have started to take action. Miami-Dade is the first southern school district to commit to the switch.

This news is a big deal due to Miami-Dade’s status as the fourth largest school district. This change helps take action against climate change and other environmental issues affecting our Earth.

Luisa Santos, Freshmen School Board member introduced the resolution, which calls for a task force made up of an expert appointee for each of the nine School Board members: a School Board student representative and representatives from Miami-Dade County Council PTA.

The resolution helps save money that could go toward the improvement of student health and safety, as well as teaching and educational purposes. When cutting down by 30% on the district’s energy production, it should save about 20 million dollars annually. 

Although the exact source of renewable energy used in the transition remains unclear, according to the Miami Herald, solar energy remains one way that schools can achieve this resolution.

In Miami-Dade, very little power comes from renewable energy sources and in 2018 only 24% of energy used was renewable.

If not taken care of soon, the severity of the effects of global warming may worsen overtime and this resolution can help with the cause.