Miami-Dade Cancels School Due to Hurricane Ian

Samantha Elkins, Print-Co-Editor-in-Chief

As Hurricane Ian storms through the Gulf of Mexico, Miami-Dade County and Broward County public schools have shut down schools from Sept. 28-29 due to cautionary weather conditions. 

MDCPS announced that before-school activities, after-school activities and field trips were canceled until further notice. Both MDCPS and BRO announced that students will return to school on Sept. 30, yet continue to monitor the weather. 

Hurricane Ian has already hit Cuba and Puerto Rico, causing great damage and flooding. The Florida Keys received the storm’s effects from Tuesday evening to Wednesday as the storm continued to gain strength in the Gulf of Mexico. The west coast of Florida is heavily preparing for Ian’s landfall as the eye of the storm will roll directly over Tampa. Governor Ron DeSantis has advised those in Hillsborough County to seek shelter on high ground. The county itself has ordered an evacuation for residents living in zones A and B. 

Meanwhile, many Florida universities such as UF, FIU and FSU, have shut down classes until Sept. 30. Additionally, Miami-Dade has received rainstorms and tornado warnings as the outer edges of the storm approach. 

Florida’s tides are at their highest point in the season, known as king tides, which occur around three to four times a year when the Earth, moon and sun align. They pose a potential aggravator for Hurricane Ian’s flooding to low sea level areas in Miami-Dade. 

Miami-Dade students, teachers and faculty remain cautious and vigilant of Hurricane Ian’s trajectory as more information about the storm unfolds.