MDCPS Should Put a Graduation Together for the Class of 2021

Camilla Bondy, Multimedia Video Editor

After an unusual and tough senior year, the absence of a guaranteed graduation acts as just another disappointment for the class of 2021. 

When I first entered high school as a freshman, I looked forward to my senior year. I worked hard and waited for the day I would get to walk across the stage to receive my diploma.

According to the Miami Herald, the superintendent of both Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Broward County Public Schools have begun to work to find ways to give the class of 2021 a “normal” send-off. 

Although seniors can never get these experiences back, graduation remains on the table as a possible option, and whether it be limited to immediate family or only live streamed viewers, I believe they should continue looking for ways to make an in-person graduation happen.

Seniors have already had activities such as prom, Gradbash and Homecoming taken away from them. Many consider  High School graduation one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, and to miss out on the opportunity is heart-wrenching. 

Every student has put in loads of work, and for them to graduate via Zoom puts even more of a damper on their senior year. Graduation could serve as the last chance for the class of 2021 to join together before they go their separate ways. 

If M-DCPS puts in the effort to try and make graduation for the class of 2021 possible, whether it happens or not, the students can take comfort in knowing that they were not forgotten about.