Maya Rudolph Replaces Cartoon “Spokescandies” as the Spokesperson for M&M’s

Brooke Wilensky, Copy Editor

On Monday, Jan. 23, M&M’s announced that they will pause the use of their candy mascots and replace them with Maya Rudolph as their official spokesperson.

This follows a change made in 2022, in which the M&M’s characters were given a more inclusive look. Specifically, the change in the female M&M’s shoes from go-go-style boots and heels to sneakers, which brought major controversy. More recently, the company has sparked outrage over its “Flip the Status Quo” campaign, which raised money for women in creative industries. This led to extreme backlash from conservatives, such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has spent months attacking the brand and calling it “woke.” 

M&M’s made the decision to change its spokesperson since it did not want to appear “polarizing.” The candy company decided on Rudolph because they believe she is “a spokesperson America can agree on.” She has been given the title of the “Chief of Fun” at M&M’s, in an effort to create a world in which everyone feels they belong.

Rudolph’s first appearance as the brand’s new spokesperson will be in a Super Bowl advertisement on Feb. 12.