March Madness Weight Rooms Heating Up Debates about Gender Equality and Locker Rooms

Gianna Hutton, Design Editor

On Thursday, Ali Kershner Stanford University sports performance coach of the women’s basketball and golf team took to Twitter posting a photo showing the disparity between the men’s weight rooms at National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bubble in Indianapolis and women’s weight rooms at the NCAA bubble in San Antonio. 

In response to Kershner and similar photos that flooded social media including disparities in food and swag bags, NCAA’s Vice President of women’s basketball, Lynn Holman, released a statement pointing towards the limitations in space to explain the difference in facilities and saying the plan was to expand the area when the space became available in the future. 

After this announcement Sedona Prince, a University of Oregon basketball player, shared a video on Twitter and Tik Tok showing “all the extra space” that exists in the women’s facility where could create an improved weight room. Responding to this, Holman assured that NCAA is working to enhance the current rooms and add more equipment and resources at their female facilities.

According to the NCAA’s website, Title IX orders that all male and female student-athletes have equal access to supplies and equipment. While the NCAA has not commented on the allegations of a difference in food and swag bag options, stars such as Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry and Las Vegas Aces’ A’ja Wilson have addressed the issue on Twitter expressing how disheartened they are to hear about the apparent lack of resources for their female counterparts.

Prince has updated her Twitter with a video showing the newly improved weight room, but questions still remain regarding gender and equipment equality within the NCAA.