“Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” Proposed in Miami-Dade County

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

Miami-Dade County Chairman Pepe Diaz proposed an official holiday celebrating and honoring police officers. This holiday would also mean a paid day off for 29,000 county government employees. In addition, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a bonus for first responders, which includes police officers. 

If passed, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day would fall on May 13 and celebrate the heroic acts and work ethic of those in law enforcement. This day would be in addition to National Police Week, another important holiday that celebrates the people constantly putting their lives at risk to protect the community. 

  Miami-Dade County has 68 police departments, which means there is one per 39,744 people, underscoring the amount of work and effort these officers put in.

Diaz, a veteran, recently received an award for “Leader of the Year” from the Latin Builders Association.

On  Apr. 5, the proposal for the holiday passed in the Miami-Dade Board of County Commission meeting. This meeting included the approval to make Law Enforcement Appreciation Day a paid county holiday. 

By passing this holiday, Miami-Dade County will finally have 13 county-approved holidays for the 29,000 county government employees. Dedicating this day to law enforcement officers allows them to receive a well-deserved break.