Ivy’s October Picks

Isabella Lagarto, Design Editor

For me, October indicates that one of my favorite times of the year is right around the corner. I find that these months of the holidays promote community and spirit in all sorts of places, which makes up for the lack of weather changes here in Miami. October was a month that has opened up many wonderful opportunities and has introduced me to new concepts, but I have a few favorites that stand out.

1. “Luv(sic.), Pt. 3 (feat. Shing02)” by Nujabes

Every month, I make new playlists to see how my music taste has changed over time and also because I get sick of hearing the same songs for too long…but this song is different. I came across it while searching for new music to listen to, and I have had it on repeat all month. I cannot seem to get over the melody and flow of this song. The lyricism, the sounds, the piano, it all fascinates me. As an ex-music student, I love music, and any song that has a variety of instruments or a unique beat will have me hooked. 

2. “Better Call Saul”

I recently finished “Breaking Bad,” but it was not enough for me. I enjoyed the show and I craved more, so I started the prequel, “Better Call Saul.”  This show is different in its own way, as it does not have so much tension, has a different cast and does not keep me on the edge of my chair like “Breaking Bad” did. Nonetheless, “Better Call Saul” gives more depth to the characters, ties loose ends and still retains some of the features that made “Breaking Bad” so good. Both have wonderful cinematography, themes, characters and casting — but what I enjoy most about “Better Call Saul” is receiving more background to a story that I am so invested in.

3. Upper Body Workouts

The gym is one of my getaways where I can focus on myself and not worry about whatever may be going on in my life. It challenges me to test my limits, makes me recognize my untapped potential and encourages me to be more productive. I started loving leg day, but as I have gained more experience, I love hitting my entire upper body. I find it to be much less tiring than leg day, but also exciting and rewarding. Seeing the results and the progress I have made since I first began motivates me to work harder. 

4. “Cyberpunk”

I started getting into anime and animated shows back when COVID-19 became rampant and left many, including myself, with lots of free time on their hands. Ever since then, I have had a love and appreciation for animated shows. I do not know what it is about them, but they bring me happiness that most regular shows can not. I learned to appreciate animations, art styles, voice acting and character themes. “Cyberpunk,” a Netflix original anime based on the video game “Cyberpunk 2077” had recently been released, so I decided to give it a try after my friends recommended it to me. “Cyberpunk” is one of the most thought-inducing shows I have ever watched.  It takes place in a futuristic society, depicting how low-class people are isolated from society and must go through extreme means to survive. I believe it reflects some issues in our current society, yet it is also bittersweet and brings light to corruption within large corporations. Watching this show was an interesting experience; I enjoyed the themes and character design amongst various other aspects.

5. Learning Digital Design

As a Design Editor, I have had to learn many tips and tricks for designing. I have enjoyed learning how to navigate Adobe programs, and even designing for fun on my own time. Watching myself make progress and gain new knowledge makes me want to learn more and strive to do better. What I like about designing is that I have total creative freedom. I take a lot of enjoyment in designing and I get immersed in it once I open my applications. I enter my realm of ideas and just go with the flow.

6. Pinterest

I have always had a Pinterest account, but I never got around to using it until I became a Design Editor. I have discovered that Pinterest can bring so much inspiration and creativity, and what I love about it is that you can accommodate it to your interests. Making boards is lots of fun, whether it be cute clothes, pictures from shows I like or design inspiration. Opening Pinterest immediately engages me with content I enjoy and endless images that are visually and aesthetically appealing.