In Loving Memory of Monstober…

Ava Garcia, Managing Editor

Nostalgia — an indescribable sensation that everyone is prone to feeling throughout their life. No matter how hard I try to ignore it, the feeling only seems to grow stronger. October remains a month many tend to associate with this overwhelming sense of joy due to the changing leaves, the cold breeze and the exciting shows that make one fully dive into Autumn. However, October lost this feeling in 2016 when, Monstober, one of my most beloved childhood memories ended.

When someone loses what once meant the world to the “younger” them, this once blissful feeling grows into inner sadness that comes with the memories of what I lost. Monstober was a tradition I never missed. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, I would sit on the couch with my hot chocolate in hand, and watch the Halloween-themed episodes of all my favorite shows. This ongoing tradition took up a majority of October and created this special feeling I have not since experienced.

Monstober became a constant in my life, and once I lost it, my Octobers were never the same. Watching as my favorite shows transformed into Halloween versions became the highlight of my adolescence, and now that memory has begun to fade away. It has been six years since the last airing of Monstober, and although one can see these episodes on Disney+, it does not feel the same. Something about the anticipation of waiting for the episodes’ release created this everlasting excitement about the mystery of what Disney had in store.
This creative spin on these childhood favorite shows allowed the little version of myself to fall in love with all things horror. Soon after the release of Monstober, I became obsessed with horror movies of all kinds. Although Disney was only the first step towards this fascination, it laid the groundwork for my lasting love of horror films. 

Monstober will always hold a special place in my heart. To this day, I wish for the emotions I had during that distant time to reappear as if they never left, but that only remains a fantasy. Constantly reminiscing on the past made me realize the joy those moments brought me. I wish kids now could know the true magic these shows brought into the lives of many. I wish I could feel the same magic I once felt six years ago, sitting in front of the TV, awaiting the newest episode of “Wizards of Waverly Place,” without a worry in my mind. I wish Monstober still took up my weekdays and did not abruptly end. These wishes constantly circulate throughout my mind, but the underlying fact remains that Monstober has ended, and Disney Channel will never be the same. 

I cannot fathom one reason that Disney decided to discard such a beloved tradition to children everywhere. Monstober provided a new meaning to October that stayed with many throughout their childhood. I miss the days I would rush home from school to catch the new episodes. I miss the sense of community Monstober built through the intense love my friends and I shared toward the lasting tradition. But most of all, I miss the memories that take over a portion of my brain and the fact that these memories will never be recreated in generations to come. 

In Loving Memory of Monstober…

We Miss You.