Eight People Killed Following a Series of Shootings in Atlanta

Jacob Grindstaff, Opinion Editor

Eight individuals have been reportedly shot and killed in the Atlanta area on Mar. 16, 2021. The tragedies took place following a series of shootings against three massage parlors by 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long. 

Authorities and citizens alike have taken note that the shootings may have actively targeted those of Asian origin. Out of the 8 people murdered in the shootings, six came from Asian descent and two were white. Furthermore, women made up all but one of the victims. Authorities have also noted that the motive may connect to the perpetrator’s self-proclaimed “sex addiction”. 

Later that night, authorities captured Long, a resident of Woodstock, Ga. The successful capture took place nearly 150 miles south of Atlanta in Crisp County, Ga. 

The first shooting took place at Young’s Asian Massage in the Acworth suburb of northwest Atlanta. The shooting took the life of four women and injured a Hispanic man, approximately at 5 p.m..

Shortly after, at 5:47 p.m., the shooting of Gold Spa salon in northeast Atlanta resulted in the death of three women. During the time that officers investigated the scene at Gold Spa salon, another shooting took place at nearby Aromatherapy Spa – that took the life of a woman.

The three shootings that killed these eight individuals coincide with the current 150% increase in hate-crimes against Asian-Americans over the past year. Authorities have yet to determine whether or not race played a motive in the shootings.