Carlos Alcaraz Defeated at the Rome Open

Paula Ortiz, Design Editor

Carlos Alcaraz, the second-best tennis player worldwide, faced his biggest upset of the year by losing at the Rome Open to Fábián Marozsán, who is ranked at 135. The Hungarian defeated Alcaraz in straight sets, one of them being a tiebreaker set, 6-3 7-6 (4).

In the first set, Marozsán gained a 3-1 lead by breaking Alcaraz’s serve and was then able to maintain his own serve, granting him the first-set win. 

During the second set, Marozsán was down 4-1 at the tiebreak but was able to bounce back and win the tiebreaker at a 7-4 score. 

Alcaraz entered the match with a twelve-match winning record for the 2023 season but was not able to maintain that streak for this tournament. 

In the last decade, there have only been three players outside of the top 100 to defeat a top-two-ranked opponent in their maiden match at an ATP event. Marozsán became the fourth to do so.

The tournament following the Rome Open is the French Open, also known as the Roland Garros, and despite this loss for Alcaraz, he is still the favorite to win the upcoming tournament.