Captain Javier Ortiz Fired From The Miami Police Department

Ava Stuzin, News Editor

On Sept. 13, Miami Police Captain, Javier Ortiz, was terminated after improperly improving overtime for officers under his control and several other breaches of conduct.

The 18-year-old veteran of the police force has been on blast on social media. This is a result of past accusations of excessive force, suspension for more than a year, and while suspended having two lawsuits filed against him and an internal affairs investigation.

Miami Police Chief, Manuel Morales, reported Ortiz was fired “based on his pattern of behavior and his failure to maintain a good moral character.”

The submission of off-duty hours —Ortiz’s most recent controversy — had differing views by two police oversight panels under Morales. Two months ago, one of the boards recommended firing Ortiz, however, two weeks ago, a disciplinary panel said the captain should be returned to work. Morales’s written report justifies the termination of Ortiz.

Any member of the Miami Police Department who does not carry out the unit’s goals is unfit of serving the residents and stakeholders they swore to uphold as a vowed member of the police department, Morales said in his report.

The written report also documents alleged policy violations by Ortiz, including failing to supervise and failure to keep supervisors advised by not informing his direct superior.

Ortiz has until Sept. 29 to appeal the termination decision.