Beep Begins Service At Zoo Miami

Ava Stuzin, News Editor

In collaboration with Miami-Dade County’s Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, Beep — a multi-passenger electric shuttle program —is currently testing a low-speed shuttle servicing Zoo Miami. 

Free to all, Beep currently plans to provide services all around Zoo Miami. Designed to pick up guests and take them to the zoo’s entrance from designated parking lots, Beep’s service will operate from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday, at a speed of 15 miles per hour.

“Zoo Miami visitors will get a chance to ride the Beep shuttle from a designated area in the parking lot to the zoo’s entrance. A shuttle attendant will always ride on the Beep automated vehicle,” Beep’s Chief Marketing Officer Racquel Asa said. “The shuttle will have an attendant onboard that will ensure the vehicle is operating safely and will provide passengers with a safety briefing prior to the shuttle’s movement.” 

Due to Zoo Miami’s diverse population with over one million visitors in 2021, Zoo Miami has become an ideal spot for the four-month test to gather information in order to advance Beep’s long-term goals.

“From September to the end of the year, Miami-Dade County will work with Beep to plan to manage and implement a fixed route throughout the parking lot for zoo visitors to access the zoo faster,” Asa said.

While partnering with Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works, the project hopes to help educate Miami guests about these vehicles, gather data and better understand AV shuttle capabilities.

Beep is currently funded by a portion of Miami-Dade’s Knight Foundation, which they received in 2019 to help support collaboration projects, provide on-demand transit and explore different mobile solutions.

“This project will help guide the Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works’ long-term transportation plan and prepare for future changes in the transportation industry,” Asa said.

Beep has many other running locations all throughout Florida and the United States, including Wyoming, Arizona, Georgia, Tampa and Jacksonville.