Actor Sean Connery Passes Away at Age 90

Bella Martin, Sports Editor

Sir Sean Connery, the Academy Award-winning actor best known for playing James Bond, died at 90 years old on Oct. 31. 

According to the BBC and Connery’s family, he passed away peacefully in his sleep at his Bahamas home after being ill for a while. 

Born in Scotland in 1930, Connery joined the Royal Navy at a very young age, but was released from service due to stomach issues. After his service, Connery became a competitive weightlifter. 

Participating in these competitions kicked off his career in the entertainment industry, as he caught the eyes of agents and actors all around the world.  

Connery’s acting career started in 1953 when he received a role in the touring chorus “South Pacific.”

Later, in 1962, Connery starred in the first James Bond film, “Mr. No.” This role turned him into an international star. He played the role of this legendary spy in five consecutive Bond films, but left the series in 1967 after arguments over his profits. Connery eventually returned to the screen as Bond in 1971, but left the series for good in 1983. 

In 1988, he portrayed an Irish-American cop alongside Kevin Costner and Robert De Niro in a movie known as “The Untouchables.” His role in this movie earned him the Academy Award for best supporting actor. 

The actor also starred in films such as “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “The Hunt for Red October” and many more. 

Outside of acting and entertainment, Connery advocated for the re-establishment of Scottish Parliament and Scottish independence. 

In 1999, he received a lifetime achievement award, a Kennedy Center Honors and People’s Sexiest Man Alive title. He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the arts and entertainment. 

On the day of his passing, current James Bond actor Daniel Craig, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and other famous actors paid tribute to the first 007 and his legacy.