A Guide to the Results of the 2020 National, Statewide and Local Elections


Bella Martin, Sports Editor

President of the United States of America

U.S. Representative, District 26

  • Republican candidate Carlos Gimenez won 52% of the vote, while Democratic candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell won 48%

U.S. Representative, District 27

  • Republican candidate Maria Elvira Salazar won 51% of the vote, while Democratic candidate Donna Shalala won 49%

State Representative, District 115

Miami-Dade County Mayor

Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 7

School Board Member, District 9 

Pinecrest Councilmember – Seat 1

Pinecrest Councilmember – Seat 3



In order for these amendments and referendums to pass, they required more than 60% approval from voters. 

Constitutional Amendment No. 1

  • Florida voters voted “Yes” to this amendment. With the passing of this amendment, Article VI, Section Two of the Florida Constitution will begin with “only a citizen” rather than “every citizen.” Political committees believe the change is necessary, as it can challenge future local laws that allow noncitizens to cast ballots. 79% of voters agreed with the amendment, while 21% did not

Constitutional Amendment No. 2

Constitutional Amendment No. 3

  • This amendment did not pass, as it did not receive 60% approval from the voters. 57% of voters voted in favor, while 43% did not.  If this amendment had passed, third-party voters, such as those registered as Independents, would be able to vote in primary elections. 

Constitutional Amendment No. 4

Constitutional Amendment No. 5

Constitutional Amendment No. 6

County Referendum One

County Referendum Two

  • Miami-Dade County voters voted “Yes” on this referendum. With the acceptance of this referendum, the County Charter will be amended to require that when the mayor or a member of the county commission resigns to run for another position in office, the vacancy must be filled by election rather than appointment. 78% of voters agreed with the referendum, while 22% did not. 

County Referendum Three

  • Miami-Dade county voters voted “No” on this referendum. With the rejection of this referendum, there will not be an amendment in the county charter to establish elections for sheriff, property appraiser, tax collector and supervisor of the elections in a non-partisan way. 51% of voters disagreed with the referendum, while 49% did.