7 Ways to Relax Before Exams

7 Ways to Relax Before Exams

Allison Strasius, Staff Writer

Throughout the hectic, anxiety-ridden season of end of the year exams, teachers recommend that students find ways to relax to better their performance. That being said, here are 7 ways to relax and preserve the little sanity you have left!


  1.  Study Selectively.


Let’s face it: if you haven’t studied by now, it’s probably too late. Learning an entire course in the span of a few days is simply unrealistic, and would just exhaust your brain. So, study selectively! TIME recommends simply reviewing crucial material– just the main points or events. Last-minute cramming won’t do you any good.


  1.  Communicate with Friends and Family.


While exam season may seem to take over your life, don’t let it separate you from family and friends. Make communication with them a top priority – whether it be to share your stress with or to take your mind off the craziness. According to the American Psychological Association, this greatly promotes a healthy regulation of stress within families. They can be the strongest support systems in our lives!


  1.   Sleep!


Yes, we all love to sleep, but oftentimes frantic last-minute studying seems far more important. Rather than allowing that to infringe upon your six hours, prioritize a set bedtime. Revolve selective study around that, not the other way around. According to TIME, our brains are most efficient when we’ve slept, and taking exams after we’ve done so maximizes chances of success.


  1.   Listen to your Favorite Album.


Music is one of the greatest outlets for stress relief. According to the American Psychological Association, music both improves the immune system and greatly decreases stress levels. Listen to anything that calms you down or boosts your mood – just chill out!


  1.  Do Something Physical


According to a Harvard Health study, physical activity combats stress incredibly well. It releases endorphins, chemicals proven to elevate moods, and instantly de-stresses the body. This doesn’t necessarily mean a fast-paced run or intense weightlifting – it can be as simple as executing a few simple yoga moves. The method is your choosing, just be sure to get up and moving!


  1.   Make a Hot Drink.


According to The Telegraph, studies have proven that hot beverages can significantly decrease stress levels. Like physical activity, they can also give you that much needed mood boost. However, stay away from caffeine – this increases adrenaline as well as anxiety. So, fashion yourself a hot tea and feel the warmth melt away the worries.


  1.    Indulge in your Hobbies.


You know that hobby you have that you never seem to have time for? Clear your schedule a bit and indulge yourself! It is through our passions that we find true happiness and peace, so they serve as perfect outlets for stress. According to The Odyssey, too much time spent online increases stress levels, thus, it is important to stray away from devices and towards your passions instead.