2023-2024 Palmetto’s Student Council Election Results

Alex James, Staff Writer

As the end of the 2022-2023 school year approaches, the time has come to reelect student council board positions for each class, and the decision on who will represent the student body of Miami Palmetto Senior High for the upcoming year. 

After much trial and error running the Class of 2026, the future sophomore class board looks forward to their goals of having another successful school year. 

Andie Gussin will continue serving as the 2026 secretary, and Brooke Barnett will continue as the class treasurer with Indeah Lane serving as a new, additional treasurer. Tristan Gettinger will serve for the first time as the 2026 vice president. Lastly, Christopher Green, who is enthusiastic about making the 2023-2024 school year the best possible, won the election for president again. 

“I believe that with my experience as a leader, I can lead my class to accomplish great things this upcoming year. I will try to impact the class by raising student involvement. I will be actively engaged in what the sophomore class thinks will better their experience at Palmetto. I will further expand my goals that I made as the freshman class president by setting greater goals to a higher standard and achieving them,” Green said. “With the help of my board, cabinet and the students of the class, I can assure you that this sophomore year will be a great one.”

Continuing carrying out the position of the 2025 secretary is Mia Shields alongside 2025 Vice President Ava Graziano. A change for this class is the new junior class president, Sydney Lambert, as she had served as treasurer for the past two years. Although it is her first year serving as president, she feels assured that she will make a positive impact on the class and the school. Lastly, Sara Paredes will serve her first year of as vice president of fundraising. The 2025 class treasurers are still to be determined.

“I think I am worthy of this position because of my proven dedication to our school and the class of 2025. I care about the student body and want to make sure their voices are heard. I will improve the communication amongst board members, faculty, as well as the rest of the student body,” Lambert said. 

Lukas Goldenberg will serve as 2024 secretary for his second year, and serving his first year as 2024 vice president is Lorenzo Castillo-Rios. Sophia Graff and Sofia Portugal will be sharing the role of 2024 treasurer. Ruben Behar and Rebecca Panagakos tied for senior class president. 

“Although I was shocked about tying [with Panagakos] at first, I later realized that our tie would bring the two sides that voted for us together, and allow for multiple viewpoints and varied ideas and opinions,” Behar said. 

Representing the entirety of the school is Ella Pelz as Student Council Secretary, where she will have the responsibility of taking notes at student council meetings so the council can stay up to date and ensure the rest of the student body is aware of upcoming events and announcements. Catherine Green will serve as Student Council vice president, which entails scheduling, tracking class cabinet meetings, working with other board members in planning events and promoting class activities and fundraisers. Catherine Green will also overlook Parent Teacher Student Association and ESSAC Liaisons. 

“I chose to run for Student Council Vice President because I was drawn in by the hard work that is required and I enjoy working hard towards important matters and the ability to make an impact on our school,” Catherine Green said. “[By working with the board] we will develop great ideas that will boost school spirit and bring our Palmetto community closer together.”

Clayton Detant will be serving as MPSH’s Student Council president, also known as the official representative of MPSH’s student body, for the year 2023-2024. He made his way to the presidency without having prior experience serving on the board but still remains confident that he will lead the school to a successful year. 

“My goals for 2023-2024 are limitless, but the primary objective is to make this year one for the Palmetto history books. From increasing the levels of diversity present in student council in order to ensure that students of every racial, ethnic and social background feel represented, to organizing and hosting spectacular school events that rival any previous events that have ever been conducted within the walls of Miami Palmetto. I have always had a goal of increasing inclusivity and acceptance of all individuals in my society,” Detant said.