14 Days of Love Day 3: Socially-Distanced Date Ideas

Jane Heise, Print Editor-in-Chief

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, many couples find themselves at odds over how to spend time with one another while still adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. Thankfully, many options exist to still enjoy your partner’s company safely.

            Outdoor Picnic: For couples that must socially distance from one another and the rest of the population, grab a couple of picnic blankets and pack a delicious lunch for an enjoyable and safe couple of hours in nature. Local spots such as Peacock Park in Coconut Grove, Crandon Park at Key Biscayne and Matheson Hammock have plenty of lawn space, sprawling beaches or picnic tables for whichever location you desire. Indulging in some chocolate-covered strawberries with your partner in the gorgeous weather offers a safe and fun way to celebrate your relationship this year.

            Teleparty: This presents a wonderful option for a quiet weekend night if neither you or your partner wish to leave your houses. Download Teleparty, previously known as Netflix Party, extension onto your computer browser and watch a movie together, in real time, from the comfort of your respective beds. Bonus points go to couples who include buttery popcorn and fuzzy pajama pants.

            Virtual date: If you find yourselves under quarantine, but still wish to have a cute date night, dress up, charge your phones and send your partner’s favorite meal to their house via Ubereats, Postmates, Doordash, etc. Enjoy your meal with each other via Facetime or Zoom so as not to risk your health for one date.

            Outdoor Movie Theater: If you and your partner are antsy to leave the house, look up outdoor movie theaters near you. Many have popped up in the last year, as they provide a safe and fun experience for a couple of hours without the risk of contamination. Many theaters have food options as well, but make sure you are permitted to bring in outside food if you wish to do so instead.

            Knaus Berry Farm: Knaus Berry Farm’s famous strawberry shakes and cinnamon rolls are located just thirty minutes from the Miami area, so take the morning or afternoon and blast music together in the car on the way there. Enjoy the weather while picking strawberries, and do not forget to grab some homemade sweets and a shake or two on the way out. 

            At-home Spa Night: Throughout these stressful times, self-love has become increasingly more important, and what better way to do so than with the one you love? A night spent in bath robes, comfortable pajamas and face masks can work wonders for one’s mental health, and is a great opportunity to unwind and reconnect despite the craziness of the world outside. Target and CVS have great spa-night essentials for low prices, perfect for a date-night on a budget.