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What’s Poppin?: A Happy Holidays Gift Guide

Isabella Lagarto

While the holidays are typically a time full of excitement, this feeling is balanced out by anxiety surrounding the gift-giving aspect of the season. Working out what to get someone for the holidays can pose a daunting task for some people, which can be especially overwhelming for those who have many gifts to buy for friends and family. Here is a gift guide for the variety of people one might have to shop for: hopefully it can ease the stress that comes with gift-giving every year. 


These are some general gifts that one can give to just about anyone; any of these gifts can be swapped around to whoever it may fit best. 

  1. A Sturdy Water Bottle

You can never go wrong with a water bottle; everyone either needs one or wants a new one. Stanley and Owala are two currently-trending brands, but there is an incredible variety that can accommodate almost any budget. 

  1. Candles & Candle Warmers

Candles serve as a great gift for almost anyone. There are a large variety of scents from multiple brands ranging from Bath & Body Works to P.F. Candles Co.. Candle warmers can also be a great addition to the gifting of candles, they allow an extended lifetime of candles and minimize fire-related risks.

  1. Fuzzy Blanket

You can never go wrong with something cozy, and a blanket is something that fits that perfectly. Everyone needs a blanket of some sort, and you can get them at a wide range of prices, fabrics and designs to fit the recipient best. Almost any department store will have a section where you can find them, including Target and Marshalls.


  1. Quality Clothing 

Most parents love to invest in clothing and will buy simple, quality pieces that they know will last them a while. However, a downside is that most quality pieces are not the most budget-friendly. Places like Banana Republic or J.Crew can be a great place for basics. Although they are harder to find, places like Uniqlo and Everlane can offer more affordable basics. 

  1. Playing into a Hobby

Gifts relating to something your parents may already love doing or you could do with them can mean a lot. Whether this is grilling, baking or sports, something that plays into a hobby they enjoy or that you can bond over serves as the perfect holiday present.

  1. Handmade

Almost any parent loves something handmade by their child. This shows how you put thought into the gift, and that it comes from the heart. Whether this be a self-made coupon book or a scrapbook, a handmade gift is sure to touch any parent’s heart. 


  1. Quality Headphones 

Everyone could use a good pair of headphones in their lives. Whether it is for the gym or everyday use, quality headphones are always a plus. Some over-the-ear options are from Sony or Bose. These are great for the gym, have great sound quality with noise cancellation and have a long battery life. Apple also has a variety of quality headphones for either over-the-ear or earbud lovers. A more budget-friendly opinion is Koss Porta on-ear headphones. They are good sound quality but do not have the noise canceling feature. 

  1. Wireless Speaker

A speaker could be great for siblings who are constantly outdoors or with friends. A wireless speaker lets them carry their music around wherever they go, like the park or beach. Though most are on the more expensive side, there is a selection of budget-friendly speakers on sites such as Amazon.

  1. Something That Plays to Them

This means giving them something that suits them personally. Whether your sibling loves their sport, jewelry, the gym, coffee or makeup, there is something out there that could play perfectly into their personality that you may know about. 


  1. Kindle

For your book-loving friends, a Kindle Paperwhite is a great option for a gift. Kindles allow for all their books to be in one place and relieve them of constantly carrying around a physical copy wherever they go. They are compact and, for some, may help them read faster. 

  1. Skincare / Makeup

This one may be tricky, but if you know your friend well, it can be a great option. Anything from your friend’s favorite skincare or makeup company, they are sure to appreciate. Sephora and Ulta are the two large companies that hold many brands of both makeup and skincare, along with fragrances. Many of these brands also sell holiday sets which makes gift-giving even easier. 

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry can be something personal or something that does not require a ton of thought. Specialized jewelry with engravings or something special to them can show that you put thought into your gift. If that is not in style for your gift recipient, getting them their preferred metal in rings, necklaces or bracelets can add pieces to something they can wear every day. 

Significant Other

  1. Hoodie/Crewneck/Basics

You can rarely go wrong with a piece of clothing or accessories as a gift. Simple staples like hoodies and crewnecks can last a while and be put to good use. This can be budget-friendly as hoodies and crewnecks come in a range of prices from places like Abercrombie & Fitch to Old Navy. Basic accessories like sunglasses or watches can be a nice touch while being in a range of prices. 

  1. Wallet or Card Case

People use a wallet nearly every day, and a quality wallet can last a long time, plus you can add pictures or notes before gifting it.

  1. Plan a Fun Day

This requires the most thought but can be extra fun for the both of you. A day full of activities that both of you would enjoy doing together could include arts and crafts, baking, watching movies or anything else that makes you and your significant other happy together. 


  1. Something to Add to Their Room

They will always enjoy something that will spruce up their classroom. Though we are in their classrooms one to two hours a day, they are in these rooms for all seven hours of the school day, sometimes more. Additions can be something personal like artwork or thank you cards, or something generic like window decor or an easy plant

  1. Gift Cards

Though gift cards are usually seen as unthoughtful gifts, they may be very useful for teachers. Gift cards can let the teacher pick out whatever they would like, whether that be for their room or personal life.

  1. Coffee Maker 

I have not met a teacher who does not enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Having to deal with children or teenagers all day requires being fully awake. Making their own coffee can allow your teacher to have an endless supply at their disposal and save money, whereas the average cup costs $5.89 or more.

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