Wacky Weather: Hail in South Florida (Spit Spoof)

Samantha Elkins, News Editor

In South Florida, seeing a small, white chunk laying on the grass normally means a golf course lies nearby. Many may find this occurrence annoying, constantly seeing them littered across our communities and at times wish to see something new. Luckily, South Floridians got their wish a few weekends ago when our sunny skies poured torrential hail upon us. 

Hail forms when rising air carries raindrops up into the colder parts of the atmosphere. When it becomes heavy enough, hail plummets down to Earth. Unfortunately, hail often melts before it meets the ground, missing the chance to acquaint themselves with a new community. 

Against all odds, last weekend’s hail remained resilient while it poured down on South Florida. To further announce its rare arrival in the Sunshine state, the hail greeted the community’s car windshields and windows with a polite crash. While some complained of the expensive damages that ensued, they clearly failed to appreciate the change of scenery that the hail brought. Miamians have had enough of wet raindrops; it was about time some ice poured down. 

Hail’s shape and size increase the higher it forms in the atmosphere. According to the National Weather Service, 24 mile-per-hour winds form pea-sized hail, while 64 mph winds create golf ball-sized hail. Communities felt blessed that the hail decided to go big or go home, as Miamians would not have it any other way. Plus, many received a gentle reminder to have their roofs repaired, as some pushed the task away until post-hurricane season. Now, South Florida will feel better prepared for hurricane season because they took the appropriate precautions to patch up their homes months in advance.

To those who have forgotten to put their sprinklers on for the past few weeks, the hail also served a fresh replenishment for their landscaping. Once the hail melted, the fresh water absorbed into the soil and canals. South Florida’s plants finally got their much needed cool-down after spending much of their time in the sweltering heat. 

The wacky changes in weather may not end soon, as meteorologists claim that Florida’s weather is expected to act sporadically until summer. One day it may hail, the following day it could rain and then it may become unbearably hot. Basically, Miamians should carry an umbrella at all times to shield them from ice, rain and heat. Welcome to South Florida.