Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas

Kate Markus, Copy Editor

A Disposable Camera:

On many different websites including Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Walmart one may purchase disposable cameras at a variety of prices. Perfect for trips, a day with friends and much more, many enjoy having a disposable camera to capture special moments with a unique picture quality.

Revlon Hair Dryer:

This viral hair dryer volumizes and dries hair rapidly and, according to reviews, saves an enormous amount of time. When looking for a gift for your mom, sister, friend or significant other, this hair dryer guarantees a smile from recipients.

Apple Watch:

Perfect for runners or even the everyday person on the go, the Apple Watch has many useful features. These features include: providing health insight, measuring all the ways you move, texting and calling features similar to the iPhone, a heart rate calculator and much more. The price starts at $399 but depending on the series you get, it may vary.

Blue Light Glasses:

Blue light glasses provide relief for anyone whose eyes may get sore or strained when looking at screens for an extended period of time. Since people spend much time on phones, laptops, iPads and other devices, — especially nowadays — blue light glasses can help with digital eye strain, decrease the risk of developing macular degeneration, reduce glare and increase the clarity of vision.

Room decor:

Whether you are looking for LED lights, fun paintings or an aesthetic photo wall, almost anyone enjoys adding fun decorations or redoing their room, making it a perfect gift for a multitude of people. 

Fun Jewelry:

Jewelry is a staple in many peoples’ lives and makes for the perfect holiday gift. A few small businesses on Instagram that sell pretty jewelry include: Style by Sofi, EvryJewels and adinajewls. A jewelry-making kit, fun for all ages, experienced or not, also makes for a perfect gift and fun activity. 


In the cold December months, sweats help people stay warm and cozy. Crewnecks, sweatpants, hoodies… endless choices! Some Instagram boutiques that sell sweats include themiamiclosetbynicole and

Skate/penny board

While most people must stay inside more due to COVID-19, a skateboard may help some get outside and exercise more, which remains extremely important, especially during these difficult times. 


If you do not know someone very well, candles make the perfect holiday gift! Almost anyone can enjoy a simple candle and, when lighting it, may think of you.